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Here is my 15 point checklist for the new business owner. Read through the checklist and score one point for every yes, zero points for each no. At the end of the list, tally up your score and if you score less than 15 out of 15, I have great news for you; I can help you with every single one of them.

  • I’m happy I started or bought my new business.
  • I know all I need to know to run my new business.
  • I have honest, hardworking staff.
  • I understand my own place in my new business.
  • My family is happy that I bought the new business.
  • I’m able to make time for fun outside my new business.
  • I have sufficient income to support myself and my family.
  • I have a good relationship with my staff.
  • The challenges involved in my new business have all been expected and manageable.
  • I’m able to step away from my new business for a day and trust everyone to do their jobs.
  • Although I have a new business, I still have time for my friends.
  • I’m good at handling unexpected setbacks in my new business.
  • When challenges arise, I’m easily able to find a solution.
  • I’m completely realistic about how successful my new business can be.
  • I love going to work every day.

If you found yourself answering no to any these questions, there is an opportunity for change. Coaching new business owners to excel in business is something I love to do.

We work together to find solutions to your new business challenges through Coaching. I will help you become the kind of business owner you had in mind when you decided to buy or start a business.

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Tuesday January 2nd, 2018

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