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2 Day Workshop

Everyone has something to say, but not everyone communicates well. Everyone has a message that should be communicated and heard. Learning to communicate your message is much more challenging than it may seem. It is a skill that does not always become naturally.
Communication affects all areas of your life. Good communication skills can improve relationships and increase performance. Poor communication can reduce trust, damage relationships, and ultimately lead to the failure of projects, teams and organisations.
Improving your communications skills requires willingness to self-reflect honestly, and the courage to change behaviours.
By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
•  Understand how the mind and emotions effect communication.
•  Learn how rapport is created.
•  Learn how we take in information.
•  Learn the different ways people communicate.
•  Identify the most common barriers for communication.
•  Explain the 5 C’s of Effective Communication.
•  Learn how to listen effectively.
•  Apply effective strategies for face to face communication.

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