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Hi, I’m Greg Elsey. I have decades of management experience, a background in business ownership, a passion for helping people become the best they can be in business.

I have enormous respect for business owners and managers. They deal with a wide range of issues daily, doing their best to stretch their experience and training to cover everything they are presented with.

Throughout my work life, I’ve observed intelligent, hard-working people struggle with every kind of problem in the workplace. I’ve come across hundreds of different people suffering very similar issues. Different people, different settings but the same problems to be worked on, worked through and resolved. It is my belief that each one of these managers held the solutions to their problems inside their own heart and mind, and needed help to step back and discover their own solutions.

Owning a print and copy franchise taught me so much about being ultimately responsible for a company, when to delegate tasks, how to step back and trust employees to take care of their own work; giving direction, and then stepping back. At that time, I confirmed to myself that my true passion lay in Coaching and Training.

Over the years I’ve refined my way of helping people to become the best they can be. I learned a lot about myself, my life, my own path. I became even more determined to choose a new path where I could work directly with business owners and managers, facilitating positive changes in their work and home lives. I wanted to help people, I knew that. I released a few limiting beliefs and feelings I’d held onto without even knowing it, and I redefined my own future. I have lived the work-life changing path that I now offer to others.

I moved back to the workforce where I was able to utilise my new skill set and discovered for myself an interest in something my wife had been trained in years before; NLP. Therese believed that I’d enjoy being an NLP practitioner, and I looked at it more seriously, with a mind to utilising it in a coaching framework. I attended my first NLP session and I felt changed forever, able to finally step into the work I do now; Coaching and training. My work life was finally aligned with my interests and personal strengths.

I’d love to work with you until you achieve the same level of satisfaction I enjoy, in your life. Allow me to help you become the human being you want to be. Be better than you have ever been.

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